1. General

What is Finspi

We are the new generation social media platform. Finspi enables you to meet new friends according to your up-to-date interests. Thanks to our website you also gain access to some great content – video, pictures, audio and other files - which is added on a daily basis by our users. Therefore, if you appreciate good entertainment, like to meet new people and seek for inspirations – Finspi is definitely a good place for you.

For whom is Finspi

For everybody. For people that like to be inspired or want to inspire others. For anyone who wants to meet other people with common interests and passions. Finspi is also for those who want to have fun thanks to unlimited access to millions of content added by other website users.

You can become a recipient and surf the best available content or actively share ideas and all sorts of content with others. Just choose what you’re interested in and what role fits you best.

How is it different from other platforms

Finspi is a new generation platform that is meant to focus at your interests and helps you connect with other people that might share the same passions. Exceptional interactivity is one of the key factors that differs our site from others. Furthermore, at Finspi you’ll find new friends, not just add your real life relationships. What this platform also has to offer are the best social media functions, that you already know, but brought to you in easy and transparent way.

What else? At Finspi you gain access to unlimited number of videos, audio files and pictures. You can comment while watching or listening to them with your friends in real time – Shared experience. At anytime you can also add new content and share it. So get inspired, communicate, meet new people and learn trends that will help you extend your own passions.

We also don’t publish any ads. You only watch and listen what you want. It’s worth noticing as well that Finspi is completely anonymous. Your identity is safe with us.

What can I do on Finspi

Find friends that share your interests, passions or hobbies. Contribute to any kind of content without limits. Watch and share videos, images or audio files. Enjoy them and comment on them with others in real time.

As every social media platform, Finspi enables you to create your very own profiles and personalize them. Create new boards where you can gather all the stuff that you like – Fins (every kind of content). You can like and comment whatever inspires or interests you. Follow others and build your own community. Contact those people through private messages, chat and public comments.

Does it cost anything

Finspi is absolutely free to use.

From which country does it come

Finspi is an international project. That’s why we offer different language versions of our website.

What kind of content can I share

Any kind of content: graphic, image, video or audio file.

What content I can’t share

Content that violates the regulations of the site will be removed.

Why don’t you have advertising

You won’t find any ads on Finspi. We value our users the most, so we don’t want you to watch anything that you’re not interested in.

How come Finspi will know what I want to see

That’s easy. You decide what you like, comment, follow, share and what kind of Fins (every content) you attach to your board. Your choices create a certain record that Finspi recognizes as your interests. This way - in contrast to other websites – we minimize the risk that you’ll see anything that doesn’t interest you. The fact that on Finspi you won’t be surprised by any ad, makes our website even more transparent and user-friendly.

On what devices is Finspi available

On any kind that has Internet browser and access to the net. Our website has been developed to properly display on smartphones, tablets and of course on computers. Soon we’ll be also available on portable devices – like smart watches.

Does Finspi allows to create fanpages?

Absolutely. It doesn’t require any special effort. They are created just like individual user accounts. Just like in regular profiles, brands can add any kind of content. Branded profiles section will be developing in order to deliver companies more tools to engage their audience and effectively build communities around them. To know when new functions are going to be included, please follow our “What’s up” blog accessible from the menu. If you want your brand profile to be confirmed and be distinguished – more credible and more visible to your target group – please apply and justify your request to address XXXX.

2. Basic functions

How to log in

You just need to click on “Log in” button. You can log in through your Facebook account or through your own email, that will enable you to be updated on what is happening on Finspi and what kind of pleasant surprises we’ve prepared for you.

What can I do after logging in to Finspi

Whatever you want to. It’s best to start with creating and managing your profile. Later you can explore Finspi through our powerful search engine in order to find anything that you’re interested in. You can as well share and add content instantly. This way you’ll start building your profile and create your very own world of inspirations and passions that will help others to get to know you.

It’s a good idea to check out section Hot and New, where you can find most popular content and recently added stuff to Finspi – they’re constantly updated.

Tag system

Instead of obsolete categories, we use simple tag system - keywords that best describe the content available on the site. Tags allow us to find practically anything we want. It doesn’t limit us to 30-100 categories, instead we have hundreds of thousands of them due to tags. Thanks to the constantly updated tags in Hot and New sections, which are the most popular and newly added content – you’ll always have access to fresh and up to date stuff.

What are Fins?

It's basically FINDINGS – every kind of content that you’ll find on the site is considered to be a Fin. So everything from videos, images, audios to new posts and user comments as well.

Menu on the left


This part of the menu is available only to registered users. Feed displays the content of the board, tags and stuff added from users that are following you. You’ll be able to see all types of content: images, audio, video. Hot section displays the most popular content and New section displays the latest stuff from topics that you follow.


This part of the menu is available to everyone. News displays Fins – all sort of content like images, audio and video. Apart from that in News section you’ll find boards, tags and users. Hot section displays the most popular content and New section displays the latest stuff from entire Finspi – you don’t need to follow them in order to see Hot/New.


This part of the menu is available to everyone. In Audio you’ll find audio Fins from entire Finspi. Hot section displays the most popular content and New section displays the latest audio available on the platform – you don’t need to follow them in order to see Hot/New.


This part of the menu is available for everyone. In Video you’ll find video files from entire Finspi. Hot section displays the most popular content and New section displays the latest video available on the platform – you don’t need to follow them in order to see Hot/New.

What can I follow

You can follow people, boards and tags (can follow few at same time). Also text status and those containing content – audio or video.

How to do it?

People – just click on „Follow“ button

Boards – click “Follow board"

Tags – you can follow more than one tag at the same time by clicking „Follow“ button

What is status

Status – a field where you can write whatever you want – what are you up to now, how do you feel or any opinion that is on your mind. You can write your status as a text or place every kind of content in your status. Your status can be commented, seen and pinned by other users.

Furthermore, we distinguish:

Text status – the ones mentioned above. You write your status as a text.

Automated audio/video in your status - if you’re listening to audio file or watch video, your status will be automatically updated with an information regarding your present activity. This will allow other people to learn more about your interests or taste. Status will include active link, which will transfer other users to the file that you’re currently viewing.

Friends and users that you follow

Following people – if you’ve already found a person that intrigues you, you can easily follow his activity on Finspi – all the content that this user adds – with a single click of the “Follow” button.

Friends – if a user who you began to follow chooses to follow you back, it will mean that you might share same interest. In this case your relationship with that user will change from Followers to Friends. Your friends list and followers list is always available to view in your profile.

Global comments

These are comments added to Fins – every type of content – the ones you added yourself and the ones added by other users. They are also visible for every other user if your Fin will be repined. Due to that you’ll always be up-to-date with any comment that will appear under your Fin. If for some reason you’ll want to quit following certain topic, just use the “mute” option in order to cease receiving activity reports regarding specific Fin.


It’s a unique function that is available only on Finspi. Shared-experience allows sharing emotions and experiencing content with other users in real time.

This function does not only allow to share pictures with other users but also enables to watch videos, listen to audio and comment shared content in real time without opening or switching to a new window. Everything you’ll need – including chat with messages – is available in the player where you can place comments as well as files.

Due to this Finspi function, you’ll be able to experience truly interactive entertainment with your friends in real time – just like in meetings on real life events. This will allow you to feel close with each other despite the potential distance that might separate you. Just create an event on Finspi and, like in real life, have fun together watching favourite videos. Share emotions, opinions, make fun and comment.

How to create an invitation for an shared-experience event

All you need to do is send an invitation to your event (watching or listening) to chosen users. They will get an earlier notification with the information regarding date and time of the event. The user inviting others (organiser) is the one that manages Shared Experience event.

3. Using Finspi

My profile

It’s a very important part because it’s all about you and how you want be presented to the other users. You can edit your profile information any time, f.ex.: change your avatar to underline your personality. Just go to your profile settings situated in the upper right section of the website – where your login is.

Keep in mind that Finspi is an anonymous website. Therefore, adding few words in “About me”, attaching your website address (if you have one) will help others to get to know you better. You can also add a link to your profiles on other sites: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What is a board

Board is the place where you collect all content that you find interesting – Fins – videos, images or audio files. Every user can create any number of boards.

We have usual boards, private, shared and community boards.

How to add new board?

In order to create a new board just click “+” icon situated in the upper left side on every Finspi screen. Then choose “Create board”. Afterwards name your board and add few tags regarding your content. You can also create new board every time you’ll add new materials to Finspi.

Editing a board

You can edit your board at any time. Go to your profile and under every board you’ll find “Edit” button. Click it in order to change title or tags. To save your new settings just accept the changes with: “Save settings”. While editing your board you can also change the cover image of your board. Keep in mind that after saving new settings you won’t be able to undo your changes.

What is following

Common function, which basically means that you can follow other users activity and be up to date with their status as well as added content. If you like particular users Fins (every type of content) you can start to follow them. But if you only like certain boards you can choose to follow them by clicking – “Follow board”. The same with tags - choose one or few tags that you’re interested in to follow them.

What is tagging and how to use it

If you want your Fins – every sort of content – to be found by others and gain popularity you must tag them right. Tags are the key words used to describe content added by you or another users. For instance: you’re adding an image of a cat and you tag it with words: cat, animal, nature. This simple function is always available when adding new content and also after adding new post.

How to add tags

Under every post you’ll find “Add tag”, where you can add new tags (words).

Tags that will be misplaced, f.ex. in description, comments and other fields with # or @ symbols will not be properly added and won’t be visible in search results.

You can also tag other user’s profile. In order to tag other user, you should first fill in @ symbol in front and then start to type the first letters of your friend’s login.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t use too many tags – use only those words, which describe your content best. All content added to Finspi requires a tag – it’s mandatory.

How to erase a tag

You can only erase tags that were added by you. On every tag you’ll see “x” mark. When you click on it the tag will disappear.

How many tags can be added

You can add max. 12 tags to every Fin – every kind of content.

Can I erase tags added by other users

No. You can only remove tags added by yourself.

Watching video, pictures and listening to audio files

On Finspi you gain fixed access to countless videos, pictures and audio content. You can easily find it by using our search engine. By clicking „Play” icon visible in the upper left side, you’ll get to your media playlist – in order to watch chosen videos or listen to audio.

Can I download content from the website

Materials available on Finspi can be either added or shared. There’s no possibility to export them to external sources.

Having a technical issue

Report it to us. Enter the main menu and click "Contact Us". On this page via the contact form you’ll easily reach us and submit your issue.


If you have more questions or if you’re looking for a guide through the world of Finspi, you can always talk with the Content King. It’s our digital intermediary, troubleshooter and the guardian of Finspi community. He can often seem a bit churlish, but he’ll always be helpful.

4. Finding Friends & Content

How to find new friends

That’s easy. Check who’s adding interesting Fins – every kind of content. If you recognize someone worth of your attention or if you have similar interests you can start to Follow that user.

You can also look for interesting content in the search engine in order to find other users who share your passion. Identically, other users might find your Fins curious and start to follow you, becoming a part of your community.

How to invite my friends to Finspi

You can always invite your friends to Finspi to share the most interesting content, look for new ideas and seek inspirations together. Not to mention that having accounts with your friends on Finspi you’ll be able to communicate easier and use Shared-experience function.

If you want to invite your friends and you’re already logged in, go to your profile. Find profile menu – upper right part of the site – and click on “Invite friends” button. New site will open, where you can easily reach your friends with an email or invite them through Facebook – if your account has been linked with it. You could have done it already during registration process. If not, you can always connect your Finspi account with your Facebook in your account “Settings” – upper right part of the site.

Search engine

By using our search engine you can easily find any Fin you want – any kind of content. Interesting videos, pictures, audio or even other users. The search engine is always situated on the upper left side of the site.

How does it work

Our search engine works exactly the same as every other. Just type in what you’re interested in or whatever you want to find, f.ex.: “holiday” and then press “Search”. After that you’ll be presented with the search results that match your keyword. You can also additionally segregate your search results using available filters.

What can I find

Files, post, people, video, pictures, audio and tags. You can use additional options and choose new or popular content etc.

Searching for a few tags at the same time

You can choose to look for a few tags at the same time. In order to do that just separate every word with a comma f.ex.: “dogs”, “poodle”, “park”. In your search results you’ll find content that matches your tags.

5. Security and violations

Are we safe to use

Absolutely yes. Furthermore, Finspi is completely anonymous. Your identity is safe with us. You just need to remember to secure your data like login and password – not to reveal them to the others.

What to do if a particular user violates regulations

If you notice content that violates Finspi regulations, including pornography, offensive opinions or alike, you can report it. To do this, click the Fin – any kind of content - on the right side you will see "Report violation" message. Once activated, you will be prompted for the type of reported irregularities. Check the appropriate box and "Describe what is the problem", and finally click OK. Apart from content violations, you can also submit comments containing spam or those Fins that are being offensive. To report them use the "Report Abuse" button located at the top right of each comment.

How to delete an account

You can delete your account anytime in the settings menu. Just keep in mind that this action is irreversible. You lose access to all your Fins – all type of content –, to your account settings and ability to contact your friends, followers and community.

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